Getting Research Paper Samples: APA Formatting

When working on a paper for research purposes, certain rules and regulations are prescribed by every educational institution. These need to be strictly followed by the students because the supervisor of these papers take them very seriously. This is why every student needs to know these formats and technical principles that guide research fellows.

The APA style of research paper format is one of the most commonly used ones, apart from the MLA and Chicago styles. It entails quite a few rules that the student must keep in mind and abide by while writing his paper as per the regulations of the APA format.

Writing the citations

While writing a research paper, citations must be included. For any type of research work, citations and bibliographies are a must. Citations include parenthetical references, footnotes, endnotes, etc. Bibliography means basically a cumulative list of all the citations throughout the paper.

Although citations are touted by students as being one of the most cumbersome parts of a research-level paper, it is the most essential as without it, even if your entire paper is correct, you will get a zero. The student must pay heed to the specific requirements of the research paper outline APA.

The APA format

The specific rules of the APA format are as follows:

  • Font: The font size should be 12 points and the suggested font style is Times New Roman.
  • Header: A header should be present for each page. The title of the work should be in Uppercase and in the header flush left.
  • Page numbering: pages should be numbered on the right margin and at a required distance.

You can check these details in research paper parts available both online and offline.

Keyword usage

Every format of research paper has certain keywords that they use throughout the paper. These are mainly technical terms that are unknown to laymen. These comprise the academic jargon. The more jargon the student incorporates into the paper, the more marks he scores because the teacher gets the impression that the student has actually taken the time to conduct the necessary research and study.

However, restrain also needs to be practised in this matter as too many such words could make the paper appear clumsy. The prescribed frequency, therefore, would be around 3-4 technical terms per page. Make sure that these are relevant to the discussion.

Current and accurate information

The information that you include in the paper must always be verified to make sure that it is up-to-date and 100% correct. This is applicable even more so if mathematical and statistical data has been included in the paper. Even a distortion by a margin as small as a decimal point may result in penalisation as teachers are very strict regarding these.

To check if the information is latest, the student should always consult the portal for research paper help, corresponding to that field. It’s best to include the date of the information within brackets right next to the figure, just to be safe.