Summary Of Research Paper: Sample For Students

Samples of research papers are an excellent way of understanding the form and what to write, especially for students who have been faced with the task of writing a research-based paper for the first time ever. However, certain problems may arise during this process. First, the samples may not be up-to-the-mark and secondly, the student may not know how to properly analyse the sample layout because copying the sample, no matter how close it is to the actual topic, cannot be done.

This is why students need to first learn how to assess and analyse a research paper summary, in order to get the best results.

Necessary content for a paper summary

Any good example of research paper format needs to have the following features:

  • Good vocabulary: This does not mean flowery language. The grammar needs to be standard, but most importantly, the technical jargon of the discipline needs to be present.
  • Accurate information: The information needs to be factually correct and updated to the current findings.
  • Correct order of things: The format would have to be properly preserved and the necessary portions following the correct order.

A student should first check a sample paper on a topic he already knows that is available on the site or the book in order to assess the quality.

The format that has been mentioned

The student should make it a point of utmost importance to study closely the format of research paper. The format is what lays down the structure of the paper, which is pretty much universal in nature. The usual order, in order of appearance in the paper, comprises: the title-page, index, basic concept or the introduction, the hypothesis or the thesis idea, the methodology to be followed, precautions or limitations (if any), the recordings of the procedure, analysis of the findings, conclusion, and finally, the bibliography.

Deviating from the general format may not be tolerated by rigid professors, which will result in heavy penalisation of the paper.

The relation between topic and content

The students need to keep a close eye on the types of research paper provided and the corresponding content that accompanies them. This is because straying too far from the central topic of the paper may result in the paper being penalised or marks being deducted.

The content needs to be absolutely relevant to the paper. Repetition of the same piece of information, inclusion of generic information, inclusion of information that is not relevant to the paper just to increase the word count, and other such flaws are generally not tolerated. Usually, the professors focus more on quality than quantity.

Keep the structure in mind

The most fundamental thing of all that every student needs to do is to keep the basic structure of the samples in mind while writing their own paper. This can be a valuable source of research paper help. However, the sample must under no circumstances be copied verbatim or even the ideas cannot be applied to the student’s paper. This is because doing so results in plagiarism, which is one of the most punishable instances of academic malpractice.